Help Our Homeless Disabled Veterans


Our Mission :

                 Our Mission is to heighten the awareness in the community of the ongoing neglect, and lack of appreciation that today's Disabled Veterans have suffered, and are suffering. The men and women who have sacrificed their lives,and their limbs, thwir families and their friends, some to the point where they are no longer able to provide forthemselves the basic necessities of life.
    Neverless, many suffer from mental, psychological and emotional disabilities. Be it honerable, or dishonerable, we have the responsibility to take care our own.
Therefore, we assist homeless disabled veterans with those basic necessities, food, clothing, and shelter.We assist with the purchase of medications, job refferals , housing refferals and legal assistance
            As a result, our troops today have made the unselfish sacrifice concerning helping others. We live in the greatest country in the World, a land of freedom, a land of prosperity , and in a nation of vast oppertunity. We as a people should likewise, reprocate the unselfish concern for helping others, as "altruism' by making a charitable contribution today by helping today's homeless disabled Veterans, thank you